OpsTechnology Vendor Community

The OpsTechnology Vendor Community gives vendors of products and services the ability to increase their revenues by integrating with a national community of major real estate operating companies.

Our broad-based set of buyers increases revenue and sales opportunities for suppliers while lowering their processing costs. OpsTechnology manages product and service catalogs and integrations between suppliers’ existing order-processing, inventory and invoicing systems and customers’ accounting systems and purchasing programs, all on behalf of our members. All information is available “on-demand” in real time.

Vendor Community members will be able to

  • Receive electronic purchase orders and submit electronic invoices to OpsTechnology Customers from a single login.
  • Generate immediate order and invoice process savings
  • Receive consulting support from OpsTechnology client-service team
  • Access OpsTechnology through your existing network and computers

The OpsTechnology Vendor Community is the largest online network of Vendors in the industry. Our Vendor partners include local and national companies from hardware suppliers to carpet installers.

Vendor Transactions

The OpsTechnology Vendor Community handles transactions - including inquiries, orders and invoices - in real time. Customers can connect directly to your online catalog to see product availability, pricing, and changes in order status as they occur. Features:

Online Order Management

  • Receive all orders online
  • Confirm orders and pricing before work is done
  • Edit orders before you invoice

Online Catalog Management

  • Maintain one catalog for all your online customers
  • Display a different price for each of your customers

Online Invoicing Management

  • Bill all your customers online
  • Gain visibility into your customers’ receiving processes
  • Reduce payment-processing times